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Let The Sky Light Up 2013 Holiday Season

Nov 29, 2013

There is absolutely no reason to stay indoors and mope infront of your fire place all winter long. The kids need to get out and play in the snow and grownsup need to have some fun too. And besides, there are plenty of events to attend in Denver so, celebrate it with wild abandon, we say. The defining factor is finding one that is worth your time. Lucky, we have come up with some top events happening in Denver end of the 2013 year. Hope some of these ideas that we have collected from our Denver charter bus rental customers will help you finetune your itinerary.

Catching a non-classic and unconventional show

Along Arapahoe Street in Denver is the historical Daniels and Fisher Clocktower which was once one of the tallest structures within the region measuring right up to 99m or 325 feet. Designed by famous architect, Frederick Sterner, it was modeled after The Campanile at Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy.

A clock tower? Nope. We are talking about Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret which is located underneath, in the basement, of the clock tower. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, visit the tower during the day and then end the trip by catching one of Lannie’s best shows. As a word of caution, they are also known for throwing some off-color holliday parodies. Good fun for the adults, hardly suitable for the young ones.

You can expect nothing short of a spectacular show, hotel-style atmosphere, mouth-watering dessert, sensual drinks and an unforgettable time.

Lighting up the night on York Street

It is time to dust off the winter clothing and head outdoors to Denver Botanic Garden this holiday season. If you are coming in in a group, be sure to give us a call for a reliable Denver charter bus.

The millions of colored LED lights never fail to inspire and awe us. Every end of the year, we come to the garden and spend the night simply admiring the creative way that the lights have been designed. They are synchronized to music and captures the best of what winter has to offer. The garden is open to visitors from Nov 29 to Jan 1 this year so, be sure to come along for fantastic entertainment while sipping your favorite drink with your loved ones and friends.

Endless parade of lights

Groups in their rental charter bus, excited kids, and people from all walks of life love Parade of Lights for their own special reason but for some, it is always how it is amazing how stream after stream of lights snake their way into and then out of downtown Denver every year. You might want to bring yourself to Denver Civic Center along 1437, Bannock Street, Denver to witness this spectacular event for yourself.

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