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Adams Mystery Playhouse

Sep 3, 2013

Looking for a good place to eat with some humor? No, we are not talking about waiters and waitresses telling or sharing funny jokes with you as you dine away – we are talking about an interactive murder mystery dinner theater. If you have never been to one before, then it is about time you should give it a try, but even if you have already been to one before, it would not hurt to go for another one. After all, Adams Mystery Playhouse is said to be Colorado’s one and only full time interactive murder mystery dinner theater! With such a claim as this, surely it is a great idea to rent a Denver bus to go and experience what it is like at Adams Mystery Playhouse.

Unless you are truly an introvert person, going to Adams Mystery Playhouse is definitely not a trip you should go alone. Call up your friends and have them join you for some hilarious fun as you dine! After all, if you are already renting a Denver bus, why should you make the trip alone? Not only is it said that this place is Colorado’s only full time interactive murder mystery dinner theater, it is also the best, longest running as well as the most critically acclaimed Murder Mystery Dinner Show in Denver. They are so good that they have even received nomination for Best Theater. Aren’t these good enough reasons for you to come with your friends for a night of fun already?

A haunting twist to your Denver trip

To add on a little more to the mystery of the place, it used to house a mortuary and if you want to know about it, you will have to ask the owners, Carlos and his wife, Marne, who are very friendly and if they found out that it is your first experience in such an environment, they will make sure that you are comfortable and that you will not feel out of place. As it is with many other murder mystery dinner theater, at Adams Mystery Playhouse, you will be encouraged to participate. In fact, the more the audience participates with the actors, the more they will add on to the fun of the whole story. At the end of their performance, dinner guests would then have their chance at playing detective and they are put into different teams to vote who the murderer is and why it is so. This will be dinner that you will leave you in stitches, but we are quite sure that you and your friends will still be able to climb back on the Denver rental bus to go home.

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